Call To Crusade is published, and selling as an e-book online!

Although several weeks back I set February 28th, as the release target for Call to Crusade, I decided to check Amazon and Barnes and Noble for the book on the 27th.  To my surprise and not inconsiderable pleasure, there it was – big as life, and available for purchase and download to your Kindles and Nooks!

Moreover, I received today the printer’s proof for the Collector’s Edition of the book – a signed hardcover first printing of the first edition, with a full-cover dust jacket. I plan to sell a small number of these – forty or so – to the collectors among you willing to take the chance that this emerging author will amount to something someday.

It is a DAMN HANDSOME book – even if I did design it myself!  And I promise it is a good story – the best I could write at the time – with three planned sequels following to finish the epic.

You don’t really need to gamble on the book, though. After all, you can read the excerpt here on the website or use the “Inside the book” feature to see if the story will appeal, then buy the e-book in its most inexpensive form – from me here or elsewhere – and THEN decide whether you want to own an heirloom copy.  No real risk at all.

Should you prefer a less expensive printed version, I offer here a softcover and a hardcover that are presently also first editions and look much the same.  Should there be the demand for it, I will produce a trade paperback.

I have been working daily to open my bookstore on this site, and will turn on the bookstore and let you peruse the books I offer as soon as it is working right.  Please bear with me.  Unlike certain notorious government websites, this sucker is gonna work right from Day One.  After all, it’s got my name on it!