The European Union and its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

For the folks who have visited me here before, you will notice some changes. You can thank the European Union and their General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In their oh-so-infinite wisdom (just ask them!), the EU enacted a set of draconian rules they say are intended to protect their citizens, and imposed them on the world. Like gun laws, these rules won’t stop cyber-criminals, but will make life hell for the law-abiding.

The intent of GDPR is to force global compliance in the way personal data is collected and used, under penalty of million-euro fines. I think it’s really just an excuse to extort millions of euros from online businesses, large and small.

But fine. Keep your data. I don’t want it. I comply — by refusing to play. I have my hands full as a 24/7/365 caregiver. I don’t need your complications.

So gone is the bookstore. It will be replaced by a series of pages here describing my books and providing  links to online booksellers who will gladly sell them to you for me. The EU can go pester them about data records. I don’t have any.

Gone too is the email sign-up mechanism. Although mine was compliant with a double assent subscription system operated by the email service, I hate all email marketing in general and, as most of you know, rarely sent any myself. I’d rather write books than hawk them endlessly with newsy email notes that pretended to be something other than a reminder to you to buy a book.

If you like my stuff and want news about me or my books, this site is here. You are welcome to peruse it, as well as my author pages with the booksellers. There are links to them as well.

And there are no comments mechanisms here, and never have been. Many other forums better suited to praise or blast my writing exist, and you are most welcome to use them. Goodreads is the only one I read.

You can always write me directly at I answer as I can.

And when the dust settles and others have sorted out just how this game will be played, I will reevaluate and decide how to reengage. For now, know this:

I love my readers, and will never do them harm. Please keep reading. I will keep writing.