Heads up! — Free Books!

As the Christmas Season approaches, I want you to know I’m working hard to release the next Siege Master title, March To Nicaea, in time for gift-giving; and soon thereafter, new illustrated editions of my earlier novels.
It takes a lot of effort to add maps and illustrations to a book. But the praise my novels have garnered convinces me that readers love them. And since I want them to be loved long after I am dead, I am giving them the same attention as did the publishers of the literary classics I loved as a kid. Their detailed maps and illustrations brought those books to life. So now I want my readers to have that same wonderful experience.
After all, you are worth it.
And to entice more of you to become my readers, I’m running four overlapping giveaways on Goodreads.com in November and December. Twenty lucky readers selected by Goodreads will receive a signed first-edition softcover printed book, as I give away five copies each of:

Guido’s Bus Of DEATH

30,000 Leagues Undersea


Call To Crusade

The Siege Master’s Song

 If you’d like one of my books, do sign up. I have no say in who wins, but I hope one of them is you!