For those of you who have already met and liked young Baron Godric MacEuan, you will be delighted to hear that he is soon due back in a third-person novella that I plan to give away widely in the next month or so.

All those subscribed to accept email from will receive it in the e-book format of their choice FREE!

If you haven’t met Godric yet, this will be your risk-free chance to do so. The story follows and builds upon Call to Crusade without introducing any spoilers for those that haven’t read that full-length novel first. If he intrigues you, you can easily catch up on his backstory before the sequel,  March to Nicaea, now being written, is published.

As it turns out, my muse was very happy with this story, and together we managed to write the full novella in just three weeks. My trusty copy-editor has it now, promising it corrected for publishing this week. After another week or two for e-book formatting, we should be ready.

I enjoyed writing the story very much myself for the chance to see Godric in third-person form. Since the novels relate his first-person recollections of the First Crusade, this book provides a rare glimpse of the man as seen through the eyes of others.

I will keep you posted on my progress, but wanted to let you know that some new good adventure with Godric is on its way!

All the best!

Tom Vetter